Mums and dads are always searching for ways to teach and entertain their children. I know because I do it all the time. Other parents’ blogs have inspired me to come up with my own activities, and my own rules.

On this page are some activities that we have done at home (that I’ve managed to document). Please click on the links to find out more about each one. Activities listed, but are currently without links will be updated soon! Hopefully, this will help you find ways to entertain and teach your curious kids. 🙂

Activities involving DIY props

I’m a DIY person. If I find something recyclable, I ask my husband not to throw it out. Usually, I make stuff when I can’t find what I want from other manufacturers (recently, I don’t really look too hard). Sometimes, I do it because I have the time or because I’m bored.

Here are a few toys/activities I made for my sweet one:

Shape stamper for a magnetic drawing board / Magnetic knob puzzle
Stuffed llama with googly eyes
Beeping coloured train tickets
– Coin bank
– Box car
Shopping trolley
– Pipe postal system
Toy car garage
Incy wincy spider (pipe cleaner fun)

Activities involving the use of toys in “other” ways

Toys… Don’t just stick to the user’s manual!

Toys and stuff basically come with a manual, or at least a photo of its intended use. While we all go through these “suggestions”, it’s highly possible that the kid (or the parent) will find other ways to enjoy these playthings.

Below are some “undocumented” or unconventional uses of the more conventional toys.

Rubber playmats : A lot of households with a child or more also have at least one set of these!
Fort / Castle / Obstacle course
Stacking blocks
Sorting by colour
– Stepping stones
– Tick tock tick tock

Baby walker : When your toddler learns to walk, don’t chuck the walker in the bin… yet…
Shopping trolley

Play pen / Nanny panels : Another staple in a lot of households has a lot of play in them (pun intended!)
Giant balloon pit

Colouring book
Fridge painting